Sprinting until I get stuck.

So, for the last month or so, I’ve had this nagging thought in the back of my head: “Hey! Remember when you put all that work into re-making your blog, and said you were gonna use it more? What happened to that?” and my answer is always “Be quiet, you.” So now here I am. I’ve been thinking, and I’ve realized this is something I do a lot. Not necessarily start something and not finish it – something the perfectionist in me will NOT allow. But, start something, dive really deep into it and go insane thinking about or putting effort into it, only to abruptly stop, or get stuck. This pattern started with video games, I’d play a game non-stop for hours, days, weeks, etc., be in LOVE with it, and then, out of the blue, just stop. That is, until I think about it months to a year or more later, and the cycle starts again, I pick up right where I left off, as if nothing happened.

This isn’t really a bad thing, per-say, but it’s not a habit I particularly like. Especially from a mindfulness perspective, I wish I could be better about appreciating what I have AND act like it. Because I truly do appreciate the things and opportunities I have, and I’m worried that this attitude of “sprinting” will bleed into other areas of my life.

But I digress, maybe I’m thinking about it too much.
I wanted to write this post because I wanted to ask, what kinds of things would you guys like to see me post here? I know I mentioned daily tarot pulls, but thats one of these very experiences I’m talking about. This blog / page / website / soap box / lectern or whatever it is, is mine, and ultimately, I’ll post what I want, but I also want to use it to connect to other people, or for other people to connect to me. So yeah, what do you guys want to see me do? What are some things you find yourself “sprinting” through, how do you handle it? Do you handle it?

Lemme know.

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