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Throwback to a little under 2 months ago, when I said I wanted to try and blog weekly. That… did not happen. My other resolutions I’d like to say I’m doing okay with. 2018 already has presented a fair share of tests for me, but I’m taking it a day at a time. I’m trying to change my outlook from “What challenges does today have in store?” to “What does today have to teach me?” and changing that outlook alone has been a good thing. Makes for a lot more good days than bad ones, a welcome change.

Something else that someone close to me has presented to me is that I need to try and be more aware of things, others. Stop worrying so much about myself and how things affect me, but to put myself in other’s shoes and try and see life, situations, and challenges from their perspectives. I can see where that comes from, working on self-growth doesn’t excuse or a accommodate a “me me me” attitude, something I recognize I have been guilty of perpetuating.

I made some changes to the blog, in an attempt to make me want to continue and be excited about using it again. I bought a plan through WordPress, so I have a little more leeway in customization, namely, the name; I changed the URL from the basic WordPress URL to I also switched the theme around a little bit to make it a little more readable. It still looks better / the way I want it to on desktop as opposed to mobile, but until I learn how to code CSS and HMTL, it is most likely staying the way it is now.

I’m excited for what this year has in store for me. 2018 and 20 itself.

“Sometimes when you’re feeling buried, you’re really just planted.”


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