I promise, I’m not dead.

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10:50 AM

I promise, I’m not dead. It has just been kind of a wild month or so. School is going well, I don’t loathe any of my classes yet and I’m mostly staying on top of things. Had my first accounting exam Tuesday, I feel good about it though.

I’ve had some really awful kanker sores in my mouth for the past few days, which sucks and I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy. Went to KidMed (“it’s faster” -mom) Tuesday night and they gave me an antiviral pill and some medicinal mouthwash that numbs my entire mouth for about 20 minutes. It’s been about a week now, so I’m hoping they’ve all moved past their peak points and are starting to get better. I get one or two every now and then, so I know the pattern. But, Tuesday night I could count ELEVEN. So send good vibes, prayers, wishes, etc. for that please.

I spent most of my day yesterday applying / looking for jobs, as well as checking places I’ve already applied.

I applied to World of Mirth a while ago, and when I went it yesterday, I was told they already did their latest batch of hirings. But I was also told by the employee I gave my application to that I was “at the top of the list” because we’re pals, so I’m assuming there actually was an issue with my application (maybe availability) instead of “well she lied to me then.”

Trying to spin things positively now, instead of being so apologetic about literally everything, and feeling like I take the blame; which I used to do.

12:14 PM

So I decided to drive to class this morning, which was a mistake, because parking in Richmond is now impossible. I used to almost always be able to find a spot. I drove around for 15 minutes this morning looking for a spot and had to settle for a pay-to-park spot for an hour, but my accounting class is an hour and 15 minutes. Not to mention this was 10 minutes prior to class. So my parking expired at 11:50, and my class ended at 12:15. I didn’t want to risk a $60 parking ticket, because I was in class, so I had to leave class. I’m not too bothered by it, no one could hear the professor anyway because VCU facilities management decided that the outside of Harris just HAD to be leaf-blown right then and there.

My next class is at 2, and after driving around looking for free, all-day parking a bit more, I drove home and walked back to the library; where I am now. Upstairs there’s this big window that overlooks the compass, and these really nice, comfy chairs, so I’m just sitting here people watching for a bit. I do have an article I need to ready for class so I’ll do that.

9:30 PM

Today has been… relatively uneventful.

Class was fine, we watched a documentary on superheroes, because my UNIV 200 professor likes superheroes a lot. After that I came home, watched some Netflix – I’ve been watching Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (shout out to my girl swerin for getting me into this show) and really like it. Did that for a bit, was texting Zach who is unfortunately busy until Monday, which means I may not get to see him :(. Then ran to Kroger, just because I had some stuff I wanted. Namely bread and sweets. I got ingredients to make these Oreo cheesecake cookies, which are in the oven right now. I also got the new Hiveswap Homestuck game, because it came out today and was just 7 dollars. (Lowkey considering reading Homestuck AGAIN.)

It’s really good so far.

My ulcers still hurt like heck, and I wish they’d go away, but it is what it is!!!!

All in all, today was actually productive, and I’m gonna go reward myself with cookies.


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