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My first few days back at school have been pretty rad. A little bit more Netflix than I expected but nonetheless pretty rad. I watched the entirety of HBO’s Big Little Lies in less than 24 hours. That show left me SHOOK. I bought the first season of Will & Grace on iTunes bc it was five bucks and it’s the only one Zach doesn’t have. So I’ve been watching that and Friends and I just finished Friends so back to it. I got reconnected with InterVarsity at the Eclipse the other day which was AWESOME. I got a couple polaroids of it but they weren’t super great, plus I’m blogging on my phone and they are not on my phone, so they’re not going up right now.

Zach and I had a slover at my house the other night, we made this cookie dough fudge recipe I saw on FB, it was pretty good. He also gave me my half-a-versary present, Hue lights!!! He said he remembered that I mentioned like once or twice that I thought they were cool, and I LOVE THEM! I didn’t think they’d work in my apartment for property-managed-wireless-network reasons, but I got it to work, and I can now control the lights in my apartment with Siri, which is awesome.

Today IV had our Freeze-pops and Watermelon Bash event. Which consisted of freeze-pops and exploding watermelons.

After that and when it started raining, a good 50 people migrated to the Fort – which if you don’t know, the Fort is one of the InterVarsity community houses – and we played Poker and Word Mafia. And because I don’t feel like explaining Word Mafia again, I’m gonna copy and paste the 15 texts I sent to Zach earlier doing just that.

Word Mafia –

You get a bunch of people, and the person running it comes up with a word, and this word needs to be two words that come together to make one word, ex: dishwasher, dish and washer. So the proctor comes up with a word and then depending on the amount of people playing, writes both words on tiny slips of paper for people to pull from, leaving a certain number blank. The blank ones are mafia. Everyone goes in a circle and says a word that relates to their word, except for the mafia, who is trying to figure out both words. Every round, everyone votes who they think mafia is (for whatever reason, their word doesn’t match, personal vendetta, etc.) Then they vote and the person that gets the most votes is voted off, if they were innocent they say so, and if they were mafia they get to guess the word, if all the mafia are voted out and none of them guess correct, the villagers win, if the mafia guesses right? They win. The trick is that no one knows the whole word. So everyone is really trying to figure out the whole word and weed out the mafia.

And I will say, 30 people in one room, some playing and some not, all thinking super hard about this game, gets a little stressful. It took at least 45 minutes for us to get through one game, “Bedridden”. After that, most people separated to go get food, some pals and I went to McDonald’s and then all went home. I watched Glee with David until he went out. Then I finished Friends and worked on my Bullet Journal some. When David got home we watched more Glee and now we’re both getting ready for bed.

Tomorrow is the first day of classes and I’m actually pretty excited. Zach and I have a standing date to go get Pizza at Christian’s and boba tea at Kung Fu Tea after our first classes, so I’m looking forward to that 😊. Despite my first class being at 11, I’m gonna start getting ready for bed soon. If you’re starting class tomorrow, already have, or have yet to, I hope you have a wonderful day tomorrow!

Gnight pals!


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