Life update!

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So, I’ve realized that I haven’t blogged in FIVE days. I”m not surprised, because I’m bad at forming new habits. I really do enjoy it, I just think me expecting myself to do it every day was a little much. So from here on I think I’ll just try and do it when I want / can / when something exciting happens, and as far as that goes, I’m all moved in back at school!

I’m really glad to be back, I’m in an apartment with one of my closest friends from last year. Despite the fact that it’s been 24 hours and there have already been 2 entire light fixtures that needed changing, its very, very nice. 2 Bed, 2 Bath apartment, the building has all kinds of amenities including a gym and free printing, in-room laundry, fully furnished units, etc. It’s great. Zach and Shannon helped me move in yesterday, it didn’t take too long. Since I only live 20 minutes away, I can bring stuff in small waves, which is nice.

School already starts next week, which is wild; Summer went by very quickly. I’m really glad to be back though. I really need to find a job, because nice apartments don’t come cheap. All in all, this is really just a short little post to say I’m settling in, and I haven’t forgot about / already abandoned my blog.

I hope that I’ll stick to it, because I do enjoy it. That’s really all there is right now, so until next time.

see ya pals.


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