Virginia Beach (Part 2) (and yesterday)

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We woke up around 10:30 Saturday Morning, just in time for checkout at 11 and to a downpour outside. We got packed up and headed out, I suggested we just go back home, I didn’t want to be out in the rain, he said that was fine with him. 45 seconds later I said “screw it, lets do this” and pulled into the parking lot of the MOCA (Museum of Contemporary Art). It was really cool! This little building with 4 exhibits, and an auditorium. There was no photography allowed which kinda sucked because some of the stuff was really cool. We were there for about an hour, it was a nice little visit.

The map from the MOCA

It was about 11:30 by the time we got out, so we were thinking about food. One of Zach’s old roommates is from around there and she suggested a place that locals really enjoy, but the wait there was an hour, and we were the only people in line. So, we went to the place across the street because it said “pizza” on the sign and that’s about all I eat, ShoreBreak Pizza and Taphouse. It was pretty good, our waitress recommended the Cheese Curds. I’d never had Cheese Curds before, but love mozzarella sticks, and I will say, they were really good! The place was huge and despite being a sports bar had a nice atmosphere, I’m pretty sure it even had two bars.

By the time we finished lunch it had stopped raining, which was nice because I don’t like driving in the rain. The drive back was fine, no major occurrences or anything. Traffic wasn’t bad, except for around the bridge tunnel where it got a little congested. After that Zach came over and we hung out for a bit before he went home to take care of his animals and stuff. I honestly don’t remember what I did. He came over a few hours later though. We hung out downstairs with my mom and Evan for a little while, Harry Potter on in the background. After that (and around midnight) we went upstairs to my room. Shannon watched the first 3/4 of Spirited Away with us before we all got too tired to stay awake anymore. I said goodnight to Zach and he went to his room (Evan’s room that he doesn’t sleep in). My parents are okay with him staying over, they just don’t want us in the same room. Which I respect, but also wish I could sleep next to him in my bed.

He came with us to lunch the next day. Shannon insisted on Olive Garden, so we all got up early enough to get dressed and ready to go all the way to the West End almost to go to Olive Garden. We had a good time, I’m glad my family gets along with him. Dad has been a little standoffish from me for a few days, which I’m not complaining about, if he’s sulking he can sulk. I’m going back to school in 4 days and whatever I’m doing that’s bugging him will be going with me.

Zach went home after Lunch to again take care of his animals, and run some errands. We went to go see my Grandma for a bit, she’s in an assisted living place in Richmond, so we were close by. She turned 90 this year, which is quite an accomplishment. We didn’t stay for too long, but we had a nice visit. After that we came home and Mom and Dad went and ran errands, Shannon and I stayed home. Around 6ish they got back right when I was going back over to Zach’s. When I got there he was playing Overwatch, he can do that again, since he has cable and internet now! I watched him play a few rounds then made him open his gift for our Half-a-versary (which was today but idc). I’m so glad I can talk about it now lol. If you’ve ever been to Village Cafe in Richmond, you know they serve your drinks in these big pint (?) sized pitchers. So I got him one of those, because we would go to Village Cafe a lot (and will continue to do so) and because way back in the end of January, that’s were we went when we started talking, and kind of talked about dating and stuff. So it’s a special place to me. I also got him a big bag of Swedish Fish, because they’re his favorite, a photo of his favorite meme, and a handmade card with a collage of pics of us. He loved it, and seeing him so happy made my face hurt from smiling so hard. He said my gift is on the way, and I’m not even worried about having to wait a little bit longer, because it’s from him, and I know I’m gonna love it.

“arms weak, paws are sweaty, masters home, hair spaghetti”

We just hung out at his house last night, watching TV. Around 8 we ordered pizza and ate while watching TV. We somehow missed Game of Thrones but were able to watch it on HBO Go. I can’t believe there are only two episodes left this season, it feels like it just started. Especially with next season being the last one :(. After that we watched more TV, cuddled, and got ready for bed. Despite it being his idea to go to bed, Zach wasn’t actually tired. He said I looked tired, which was apparently true because I don’t remember falling asleep.

(this is getting long, so I’ll do today tomorrow, and I know I said that last time but this time I mean it!)

Gnight pals.


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