Virginia Beach! (part 1)

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I just got home from an awesome little 2-day 1-night trip to Virginia Beach with Zach!

We left my house yesterday around 11, and got late-breakfast / early lunch at McDonald’s and hit the road! MAN, is 64 boring. That road goes on forever, and its really the only way to go. We made it around 2ish, which I’d say is good time with just one stop. We got to check into the hotel an hour early, which was pretty cool. It was just a 10 minute walk away from the boardwalk. After we unpacked we walked down there and took in the sights. I’d only been once before, and just for a day in the off-season, so it was nowhere near as lively. It was really exciting! We walked up and down the boardwalk, scoping out things to do later. We found ourselves at Ben & Jerry’s, and I got what ended up being the messiest ice cream cone ever, and went back to the hotel to change. It was dripping all over me, and of course we were walking against the wind, so it got all over my clothes too. When we got back we changed and debated pool vs. beach. Pool won. Hung out there for about 45 minutes, and then headed back down to the beach.

We went and sat on a bench right before the beach, right in front of this hot dog place with outdoor seating. It was a really nice evening, we sat there for a while, just people watching, making up stories for them. After that we went and found the arcade we’d seen earlier, Flipper McCoy’s. It was really cool, they had two whole rooms of arcade games. In one room they had old, legit arcade games, Super Mario Bros., Donkey Kong, Pac-Man, Street Fighter, etc. It was awesome, and they were only a quarter!! I spent probably 8 or 9 of the 15 dollars in credits I got on this one game, which for the life of me I can’t remember the name of. But it was duck themed I know that. It had a ball, and an upward spiral, lined with lights, and randomly, one of the lights would be green, and you had to pull the lever back, so the hammer would hit the ball just right so that it would stop at the green light before rolling back down. My closest was within 2 before or after. Then, when I was down to one quarter, I went to one of those chance games, with a bouncing ball, and spinning holes with corresponding ticket numbers. I used my last quarter, and hit the button. The ball fell, bounced around a little and went straight into the elevated tube in the middle that said “MONSTER JACKPOT”, and that’s how I won 2300 tickets on my last quarter. (I’m not making any of this up you can ask Zach.)

25 minutes later, the machine FINALLY finished outputting tickets onto my card (because arcades use cards now). We used the tickets [mostly his, he insisted] on candy at the ticket counter. We got a cute photo at the photo booth (which I’m now wishing I scanned alongside the Polaroids and made the photo for this post but oh well). After the arcade we went and found dinner. We went to this nice, and very delicious place called Giovanni’s, sat outside, and did some more people watching. We walked around a little bit more, I wanted to get one of those engrave-able leather bracelets, so we found a guy to do that. I got “BOI-ARDEE” because inside jokes. Zach got a little keychain with my name and his grandmother’s name written on grains of rice. That made me really happy. His grandmother’s name was Öznur, which is Turkish, and the girl doing the rice asked him about it, she was actually from Turkey! So that was pretty cool, they talked about that a little, that made me happy too, because Zach looked delighted, talking about his family and such. After that we searched for dippin’ dots, because we’d seen a sign, only to discover that the place we had just spent 15 minutes at had them in the convenience store next door. We got our dippin’ dots and headed back to the hotel. After we showered we chilled for a bit, watched TV and cuddled before falling asleep. All in all it was a good day.

(part 2 tomorrow)


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