Yesterday’s News. Today’s too, and a snippet of tomorrow.

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Yesterday, Woke up around 11 – surprise surprise – and actually got up and out of bed around 11:30. Mom was home, because Evan had a speech therapy appointment at 2. So she enlisted me to go out and get us all Wendy’s for lunch, which I happily obliged to. After that, was just chilling at home, Mom left for her thing at 2, Shannon and I did what we normally do in the summer which is watch Netflix and sit around for hours. I spent part of that planning my gift for Zach for our six months on Monday, which I am super excited for! After I took Shannon to dance at 4, I went out gift-supply hunting, and actually got everything I needed!

I’m gonna put what I got him in a spoiler below.

Just kidding, I literally just spent 25 minutes trying to figure out how to do that and could not figure it out :I. ANYWAY… After all that I went and got Chick-fil-a at Willow Lawn (because I was in the city) with my friends, Alyson and Lisa. Then we walked around staples for like 20 minutes, looking at the various stationery (because stationery is fun, okay?) Then we went to Barnes and Noble to look at MORE stationery (really so Alyson and Lisa could look at planners and notebooks because they are both searching for, but also own many planners and notebooks [you can never have too many planners and notebooks]). After that we went to Krispy Kreme and got hot donuts, because hot donuts are the best kind. Then we just hung out at Lisa’s for a bit, I made them watch bullet journal videos because I think they both would really enjoy it, an opinion I made sure was known many times yesterday. They seemed kinda into it, here’s to hoping.

Zach got back from the VA beach around 9, so I went and stayed the night at his house. We ran to cookout because he was hunger, then watched Will & Grace until he fell asleep on the couch and we went upstairs to bed. No 6 am headaches this time thank God. He woke me up around 10, because he was bored (how cute is he, huh?) so we got ready, and went to IHOP for brunch, (but not gay brunch, just too late for breakfast, too early for lunch brunch) I got pancakes and he got a massive omelette. We played calculator (and I ended up winning somehow? that game is v easy to get trapped in). Went back to his place and watched more Will & Grace while waiting for the XFINITY guy to come and set up his cable. He ended up falling asleep on the couch (again, so cute). The cable guy came and set everything up and I’m so happy that I can finally stop relying on my data when I go over there 😂. Zach had to leave around 4 to take care of some family business, and wouldn’t be back until late because he had plans, so I was there with the cable guy while he was finishing everything. When he left, I left, put the puppos away, locked the doors and such.

I got home around 6, and Cory was over, no Megan though, yet. I took Shannon to dance at 7, went and got Sonic, because the only food I’d eaten today was 3 pancakes 8 hours prior. Came home, ate, and went back to The Dance Company to get her at 7:45. She’s been bugging me to take her out and get a moleskine journal, because I’ve converted her to be a Bullet Journal-er. So we ran around town to do that. OfficeMax and A.C. Moore didn’t have them. Ran home and picked up her friend Gracie, then went to Barnes and Noble over by VCC, and we accomplished that mission. We also got a pad of coloring pages, because why not. Came home, now the elusive Megan had appeared, Mom was home too, as it was 9’o’clock by this point. We watched this episode of What Not to Wear with this woman that had MAJOR underlying self confidence issues, and an attitude to boot. But, Fashion Gurus and novice-psychologists Stacey London and Clinton Kelly, whipped her and her fashion into shape and she finally started to open up and ultimately become a better person. What a shame the show is over, it was really entertaining.

Zach and I going to VA beach tomorrow and even though it may rain I’m super excited. I probably should go to bed here soon, because if we’re planning on leaving at 11, I kind of need to be awake before then. I may not post tomorrow night, but should be back Saturday night!

Goodnight Pals!


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