Emotional pretzels

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August 8th, 2017 • 22:41

•  Today’s rambling  •

Today was not super eventful, but here we go anyway B). Woke up at (you guessed it) 11-ish, did absolutely nothing for about two hours until Shannon needed to be picked up from dance at 1. Actually, that’s not true, last summer my friend Amanda introduced me to Wet, Hot American Summer, and its corresponding netflix prequel show, so I started the corresponding netflix sequel, Wet, Hot American Summer: Ten Years Later, because why not. After I picked Shannon up, we ran across the street to Food Lion, because I wanted to make this pretzel recipe I saw on facebook, shout out to TASTY. Alas, I had no yeast, so we got yeast. This whole ordeal, took quite a lot longer than I expected, and for Pretzels that turned out only so-so.

All the while we were watching Glee, because Shannon has been watching Glee again. MAN is the fourth season sad. We only watched like three or four episodes and I almost cried like three times. It honestly made me miss high school a little (and I literally just mean theater). We watched the episode where everyone is breaking up (or just separating for a while) and they’re all singing “The Scientist” By Coldplay, it just was really sad, and if I had been alone and not dipping pretzels into boiling baking soda water, I definitely would have been crying. And then later the Grease episode, and it made me think back to when we did Grease, (you know, the show that got me back into theater after the hell that was 8th grade, ultimately leading to me being a lot more confident in myself) and it just made me really emotional. Back to 10th grade when I was akward and weird and still figuring myself out, and rejoining this group of people who really did feel like my family. I still hear some of the songs from that movie the way they were performed on the LD stage, it makes my heart happy. I really miss that time, crappy as it was, there was also a lot of good there. Glee was and still is a really good show, it tackled a lot of problems that real teenagers do face. And it got a lot of flak and kids that liked it got bullied because it was all done through singing, but whatever. Singing is an outlet for a lot of people, myself included, and it really made this show that much stronger, because music is an expression of emotion. It had it’s cheesy moments, but, acting / lip-syncing or not, there was a lot of passion on Glee, and that’s one reason I loved it.

My dad started watching Game of Thrones, and I opened my mouth about it, so now he’s inevitably gonna sit through those adult scenes and realize that I watched those same scenes. I’m hoping we’re both just gonna keep quiet about it lol.

Zach got to VA beach safely, and he’s having an awesome time. He FaceTimed me a little while ago while he had some down time, that was nice. The forecast for this weekend says there’s a 50% chance of rain down there this weekend, when the two of us are going, but I’m hoping that goes down. Regardless, there’s plenty of stuff to do down there that can be done indoors. (yeah the only thing I can think of is the aquarium, so if anyone else has any ideas please let me know lol).

Today was solid, that’s really all there is to say.

Goodnight pals.


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