I have Mamma Mia stuck in my head 

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August 7th, 2017 • 22:35

That streak is still at just 2, lol.

Let’s see, what did I do yesterday… uhhh… Shannon was at a friends house, which kind of flattened the up-in-the-air idea for zach and I to take her to the VMFA, may happen Thursday though. We went to Anna’s for lunch, because it’s the only place my mom has been able to think of for the last two weekends, it was pretty good. They have great mozzarella sticks. Then my mom  went out for a bit to run errands, I half-watched, half-supervised Evan from the other room, my dad was outside doing ???. 

When my mom got back we sorted through the four trash bags of clothes I purged from my closet, dresser, and general bedroom area when we cleaned my room a week or two ago. She wanted to go through and sort stuff into trash v. consignment v. goodwill. Took a lot shorter than I expected. After that I headed over to Zach’s, and actually ended up waking him up from a post-work nap when I got there and knocked on the door (sorry again love 💕). 

We had a pretty chill evening though, went to target and got face masks and a bath bomb, both things I just realized we never used. Got cookout on the way back to his house, watched some Will & Grace (which I LOVE, and loathe Netflix AND Hulu for not streaming it). Then, the amazing loving guy he is, he ran me a candle lit bubble bath. Which was wonderful and relaxing. After that, more Will & Grace and couch cuddles, until bedtime at a somewhat reasonable hour of 1-ish. I did wake up around 6 with the worst pain in my right temple though. Zach got me some pain medication and cuddled me back to sleep though :3.

We (and by we I mean I) ended up sleeping until noon. Got up and came over here (cut to me blasting the Mamma Mia soundtrack in my car) to my house to watch last night’s Game of Thones, which STILL has me shook. We took Shannon with us to get Chick-fil-A and came back and ate. Hung out and watched tv until she had to be taken to dance. Zach went home when I took her to dance around 4, because he had work. 

After that, I took the two big, clear, plastic bins of clothes I had to Plato’s closet. Half an hour or so of killing time wandering around Best Buy later, they texted me and told me it was ready. When I got there I was offered 15.25 for four articles of clothing. Out of two big tubs of clothing from the last four or five years, they found four things they could sell. And not even the stuff that still had tags on it 24 hours prior. Plato’s Closet is dumb. 

I came home and watched Netflix, until Shannon called me around 7, saying she was ready to be picked up, and that Mom said she could get a haircut. So we got haircuts. After that 45-minute ordeal (good haircuts take time I suppose) we got food at Sonic, speaking of good mozzarella sticks. I watched more Friends and doodled in my notebook, and about an hour ago I came upstairs to shower all the stray hairs off of my self and now am in my bed writing this post. 

I’m still peeved at Plato’s Closet, but I don’t think it’s anything more mind numbing TV-Show-I’ve-Seen-Three-Times and this storm outside my window can’t fix. Goodnight pals. 


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