School Supply shopping! (and other things)

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August 6th, 2017 • 12:06 (still counting it as the 5th though)

Today was a long day. I’m forever astounded at how long it takes my family to get ready. We didn’t leave the house for lunch until 2:15… And I know what you’re thinking, “you should help them get ready and get the day started!” Well, you tell me how I can do that without jumping into the shower with any one of my immediate family members.

We got to Wendy’s (why we picked Wendy’s I don’t know…) at 2:30, and weren’t eating until 3:00. I’ve come to the conclusion that the Wendy’s on Mechanicsville Turnpike should only be visited via drive-through. I will say, the food was 10/10 this visit though, the fries were perfectly salted, and my nugs had the right amount of crunchy exterior.

After lunch was school supply shopping at Target because of tax-free weekend. This is where things get long, we were in Target for three and a half hours. I got lots of great stuff though. Since my new apartment this year is fully furnished, it was sort of like dorm-shopping round 2: “the other stuff”. “The other stuff” being all the things I didn’t necessarily need to worry about last time around; shower curtain, floor lamp, bath mat, silverware, plates, bowls, cups, etc. It was kind of weird walking around and seeing people who were my coworkers a week ago, especially having to say “oh yeah I don’t work here anymore.” But I got through it. My little brother Evan is starting Kindergarten at Laurel Meadow this fall, so that’s exciting! I think shopping for his school stuff took the longest. My mom was also buying things for donation, so it all had to be separate. I had a cart of just my stuff, Shannon somehow kept all of her supplies in a binder (I remember needing quite a bit when I started high school but whatever.) So mom had a cart with just Evan’s, donations, and some other general household goods. By the end of it all we were walking out of Target with THREE carts, and my mom still had to go back in and buy a few things we overlooked. So all in all, and x-hundred dollars later, we finally made it home at like 7:30.

And then I had to go right back out and take Shannon to a friend’s house. A friend who lives in the middle-of-nowhere, Old Church. So that was a 40 minute round trip. I did drag her along to A.C. Moore to get a couple things, just some (more) pens for me to use in my bullet journal. Which is coming along nicely. I got a 50 pack of Crayola Super-tips markers at Target for like 7 bucks, and just spent the last hour and a half taping swatches to each marker, as well as swatching them in my journal. Tedious, but totally worth it.

Zach went to KD today with some of his high school friends, a couple of which I am friends with on Snapchat, so they were all sending me snaps throughout the day of their various escapades. It made me really happy to see him having such a good time with his friends. When he got home I told him I’m excited for the state fair in September because I wanna go with him, and he seems excited too. He’s going to VA beach this week with a couple friends, so I told him to be scoping out things for us to do when we go next weekend, which I’m excited for. I love him. A whole lot. I really am lucky to have such a wonderful guy in my life.

So yeah, today was a good day! This is the only thing I’m able to mark off on my habit tracker at the moment, until I go upstairs and get my self ready for bed that is (because brushing my teeth TWICE a day is on there, and I’ve got this morning.) So I think that’s where the rest of my night is going, and of course an episode or two of Friends before bed. G’night peeps.


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