Two-for-one special!

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August 4th, 23:03

So, it happened. My daily blogging streak has only reached a grand total of 2.

On the other hand, my first two-days-in-one post, how exciting!! Let’s see if I can even remember what happened yesterday.

So, I woke up around 11 again, because summer. Zach came over around 1 or 2 and we watched Glee with Shannon. He’s been doing this ‘total body conditioning’ class at the gym for the last few weeks with a friend of his once. I went with him the first time he went and lasted 25 minutes of the hour-long class – which I’m actually proud of because my money was on me passing out after 15 (even still, it gave me a migraine for the second ever time in my life). So, he went to that, I think attempted to take a nap but ended up watching Friends and exhausting my various social media timelines. He came back over after his class and a shower around 8:30 and we went and got dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings. Going on a Thursday night means having to wait, but it wasn’t bad. I tried something new, Sweet BBQ sauce. (Right? Whaaaaaaat???) So I’m proud of myself for that. Zach and I had a heart-to-heart in the car after because being in a relationship is hard. Especially your first. It ended well though, and I definitely needed it. We came back to my house and made set in stone reservations at a hotel in Virginia Beach next weekend for the two of us. So that’s gonna be fun. Then, we went upstairs and watched Princess Mononoke with Shannon. He stayed the night, but had to leave early this morning though because he had work, I got a sleepy goodbye kiss though :3.

I woke up around 11 again, it’s Friday so mom was home. She works from home on Fridays, because why not. She’s still in meetings and needs to be available all day which makes it more stressful than I think it needs to or should be though. We went and had lunch at O’Charley’s per Shannon’s request. I wanted to sit on the inside of the booth but she wouldn’t let me… It was a good lunch though, because who doesn’t love the rolls from O’Charley’s? We got home just in time for Mom to be on her 2:30 call, so we watched Evan for a bit. I also got to work on my Bullet Journal some. I basically just added some color to my monthly spread (if people want pictures of this stuff I can post some, just let me know).

I needed to go to World of Mirth and check on my application there, because I was told to check back in early August, and Shannon has been begging to “go to the city.” So, I texted Zach to see if he wanted to go after work, and he said he’d love to. So around 5 or so he met us (‘us’ being me, Shannon, and her friend Gracie) in Carytown. I went to check on my application, and gave them a resume, because that always helps, and was told that they didn’t have anything right that moment, but that I’d get a call when they were hiring. So that was kind of a bummer because I really need a job, now that I’m not working at [REDACTED] anymore. We got to shop around a bit, World of Mirth is basically a toy store, so they have lots of fun stuff to look around at and play with. We took some pictures in the big dress-up area they have there. Zach bought me a little pug pin for my pin hat (because I’m his “little pug”), bringing it to a total of 8 pins. We walked around a little more, and made it to Rocket Fizz. Being a candy store – another interest of mine – I asked if they were hiring, and the girl at the counter said I should drop a resume off there, which I definitely will do, because they have nice college student hours and a nice pay of [I’m not handing out such information and lowering my chances, sorry].

We came back home, family friends Megan and Cory came over and are hanging out. Zach had to leave around 9 because hes going to Fredericksburg with some pals tomorrow. Shannon still wants to go to the VMFA, so we kind of sort of made plans to do that Sunday after he gets off of work, I’m looking forward to it.

As for the rest of the night, I realized that my resume should probably be updated, since I’ve worked somewhere else, as well as changed my prospective major. So I may do that. I’ll no doubt continue watching Friends, and may or may not keep working on my Bullet Journal because I just cannot be satisfied with things. Anyway, that’s my little update for today (and yesterday). Hopefully tomorrow I’m not distracted and we can get work on getting this streak above a 2.


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