August 2nd, 2017 • 22:46

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Just lost your job? Buy expensive chocolate for you and only you.

Today, the part of it people typically consider “day” as opposed to “afternoon” or “evening”, was pretty boring. I woke up at like 11:30 – LOVE summer sleep schedules – and was greeted downstairs by THREE different notes from my father filled with chores for me and my sister, Shannon to do. So that was kind of annoying. But, upon actually looking at these lists, as well as conferring with my mother about their contents, half of these remedial “why do have to do this?” tasks became moot. My father, in his “clutter”-induced tunnel vision, typically just says and does things without thinking of the fact that some of these things either:
A) mean things to other people
B) have already been started and halted for the time being because of other circumstances
So that narrowed the list and estimated time of completion to about half #MomAlwaysSavesTheDay
After completing said remedial tasks and chores, the rest of my “day” consisted of watching Friends. Because I’m that person. Again. For the third time. Around 3:30 I tweeted that I was bored, which very quickly elicited a response of “me too” from my friend Crystian, and we made plans with gal pal Lauren. Took Shannon to dance at four, came home and made my self presentable (as well as one task I had forgotten to complete) and left the house for Lauren’s house around 4:30. Crystian had just pulled up in her cute Black Punchbuggy, which brought my total with Zach to 581(me) – 580(him), putting me back in the lead. Lauren came out of the house, on the phone, and waved us inside, where we spent the next half hour looking for her wallet (which, really was no big deal we were in no hurry.) We went to Short Pump and walked around a bit, I bought some Godiva chocolate because I wanted to. Stopped in a couple stores, I bought Zach a cute thingo at Urban that he doesn’t know about yet so shhhhhhhhh. We had made plans to go to the new Mellow Mushroom over there, but it was P-A-C-K-E-D PACKED at 6:30 on a Wednesday, (but it’s FINE) so we went to the one in Carytown and had a wonderful time. After that we went to that cool place in Richmond called “Sweet Turtle”, where they do the liquid nitrogen milkshakes and treats, that was fun. I made them listen to / watch some drag race adjacent youtube videos and songs, and we called it a night.

Now I’m j chillin, I’m honestly more tired than I have been at this early hour in quite a while. So I’ll probably be in bed before long. But until then I’m watching more UNHhhh because Katya and Trixie are honestly my favorite humans.

Haven’t talked to Zach a whole lot today. I think he may already be slumbering but I’m gonna text him anyway.

All in all, today was pretty good.


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