August 1st, 2017 • 23:17

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August 1st, 2017 • 23:17

So, I’ve started a blog*… what???
*Blog / Diary / Brain Dump
Basically, I just wanna start documenting my life a little bit. If people wanna follow along, that’s rad. If not, their choice ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

Things have been kind of a roller-coaster recently; I had a job in a retail store, up until yesterday. I got to work, put the two bagels from Panera I was going to call ‘Dinner’ in the fridge, and went on the floor to start work. Long story short (as well as wanting to keep my bases covered and not bad mouth an establishment I still love and will shop at) I had been having some trouble with the workload, and after just one 10-minute conversation, I felt somewhat reinvigorated and ready to face the challenge, which apparently wasn’t enough, I was still falling short of expectations that were not uniform and had not been laid out for me. I also, according to HR, had some “Attendance Issues.” One being three months ago in my first week, an event that slipped my mind when asked “So what is your availability for the next two weeks?” Which ended up being a shift I had to leave a little early for. The second was a shift a few weeks ago, where I threw up in the bathroom and was asked to “Stick it out” and stay, which I did not. And the third, being the one and only time I called out of a shift, this most recent Sunday. As much as I am disappointed, I’m not necessarily upset. I’m trying my best to see this as a blessing, because quite frankly, the job didn’t feel rewarding. I never really got feedback, good or bad, except for once. I never very much felt like part of the team that I was a member of, which is a shame, because I applied for this job multiple times in a year. It just wasn’t what I expected.

Things with my boyfriend, Zachariah have been going well. We did hit a little bit of a rough patch, where I think we were both just very stressed. It was kind of like walking on eggshells, one little thing, or wrong word or move could crack open this egg of things that had just kind of built up. Since then I think we’ve both taken a look at the relationship, and each other, and realized that we really are partners. We both have flaws and things we need to work on, and for the other person, as well as WITH the other person, those things can be achieved. We both may, but almost certainly will fall a few times along the way, but that’s why the other is there, to pick them back up and keep going. I’m really proud of him. I really love him too.

As far as closing these things goes, I guess I’ll just say that my plan for the rest of the night is to watch Friends, and send snaps to my drunk, karaoke-singing, goofy boyfriend. Oh, and work on my BuJo a little bit more. I’m trying a new monthly spread, as well as a real attempt at a habit tracker. The start of a new month seems like a good time to start some new things, like this blog!


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